Delegates for MIH, Cambodia visited CAS-TWAS CEWE

 Delegates for MIH, Cambodia visited CAS-TWAS CEWE to Discuss on Drinking Water Cooperation

Dr.Tung Ciny, the undersecretary of state of ministry of industry and handicraftand national COST chairman for Cambodia (head of delegate) and Mr. Soem Nara,the director general of the general department of industry and board chairmanof PPWSA led other 5 delegates to visit CAS-TWAS (CAS-TWAS Centre of Excellencefor Water and Environment), RCEES from 11 May to 16.

During the visiting, the Cambodia delegates visitedand met with Prof. Jinghai Li, vice president of CAS. Prof. Li introduced thedetail of CAS and the current policies on the international cooperation withother development countries. He expressed the willing to promote the collaborationbetween CAS-TWAS CEWE and MIH.

Three workshops, information exchangingbetween two parties, the future cooperation planning and communication with Chineselocal water technology companies, were held as scheduled. According to their demand in reality, twoparities spread discussion on high turbidity water treatment, waterpurification agent production technology as well as the arsenic removaltechnology, etc. The division director of ASEAN-China Centre, Dr. Dongmei Guo, joinedthe communication and discussion. And the Cambodia delegates paid a technicaltour to Ji’nan and Ji’xing. They investigated sedimentation basin, QueshanReservoir, On-line Water Quality Monitoring System and Emergency treatmentsystem etc. in Ji’nan. In Jia’xing , they visited Jiaxing Xincheng Tang River,Shijiuyang Water Plant of Jiaxing with technologies to treat low quality sourcewater and Shijiuyang purification wetland.

Finally, both parties agreed to establish acooperation relationship and signed memorandums as the first step of cooperation.  Prof. Yang announced that CAS-TWAS CEWE rededicateitself to continuing make efforts at leading Asia to sustainable developmentthrough Science Technology and Innovation.