CEWE Visits the Ambassador of Rwanda

On the invitation of Charles Kayonga, the Rwandan Ambassador, Prof. Yuansong Wei and Dr. Feng Xiao made a visit to the Embassy of Rwanda on January 29, 2016, and had a good exchange with the Ambassador on the future cooperation in the field of water and environment.

After introduced the major research areas of RCEES, the vision of CAS-TWAS the Centre of Excellence for Water and Environment (CEWE), and some experiences of the on-going collaboration with some Asian countries, Prof. Wei explained the purpose of the visit—to explore a way for the future cooperation with the African countries in the field of water and environment.

The Ambassador introduced the current situation and challenges of Rwanda in water and environment, and stated out that source water protection is the priority of the country. He pointed out that CEWE could help Rwanda by providing more quotas for graduate education and short-term training. To promote the future cooperation, the Ambassador said that he will pay a visit to RCEES after Spring Festival.