CEWE Assists Belt and Road Countries Against COVID-19 Epidemic

On April 25, an online live seminar on the management of wastewater treatment facilities during the coronavirus pandemic was organized by the CAS-TWAS Centre of Excellence for Water and Environment (CEWE), based in Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences (RCEES) of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). The webinar was joined by more than 30 participants from countries including: Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Nepal, Myanmar, Philippines, Iran, Egypt, Kenya, and Tunisia, etc.

The seminar was hosted by Prof. Wei Yuansong, Deputy Director of CEWE. Prof. Lei Xiaoling, Deputy Director of Research Center for Low-Carbon and Ecological Environmental Protection of Chongqing Academy of Science and Technology (CAST), gave a lecture on the Guidelines for Risk Management amid Operations of Rural Drainage Systems during the Epidemic (Trial), which was jointly compiledby RCEES, CAST and Rural Environmental Technology Alliance. After the lecture, Prof. Lei answered questions from the audience. The discussion was lively and informative. The participants, mostly from government departments, universities, research institutes, and the water industry, expressed their gratitude for the timely lecture and are looking forward to similar events in the future.

In 2020, during the coronavirus pandemic, CEWE actively strengthened the communication with the partner countries along the Belt and Road and provided assistance in fighting against the pandemic. In March, CEWE and the OBOR Environmental Technology and Industry Alliance co-organized the donation of medical and protective suppliesto Sri Lanka and Iran, sending the materials to the Embassies of both countries. This event attracted the attention of the president of Sri Lanka, who appreciated the assistance. Information on the treatment of drinking water, sewage, and hospital waste in China was compiled into a report, Fact Sheet of Water, Sanitation and Wastewater Management for COVID-19 Prevention and Control, to assist other Belt and Road countries (refer to:

Water and Sanitation Training Program ON-Line Seminar - 20200425-Prof. Xiaoling Lei.pdf

XiaolingLei-Guidelines for risk management amid operations of rural drainage systems during the epidemic.pdf



CAS-TWAS Centre of Excellence for Water and Environment,

Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences,

Chinese Academy of Sciences


26 April 2020