ADB-RKSI Director Visits RCEES

    On March 17, a four-member delegation led by Mr. Hsiao Chink Tang, Director of the Regional Knowledge Sharing Initiative, Asian Development Bank (ADB-RKSI), visited the Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences (RCEES) to promote the cooperation in sustainable eco-environmental development. Ouyang Zhiyun, Director of RCEES, and Yang Min, Deputy Director of RCEES attended the seminar. Research professors from RCEES, including Wei Yuansong, Xu Weihua, and Luan Fubo, were also invited to the seminar. The seminar was presided over by Yang Min.

    At the request of the RKSI side, Ouyang Zhiyun introduced the Gross Ecosystem Production (GEP) calculation method and application results; Wei Yuansong presented the progress in scientific and technological cooperation in the field of water and sanitation between CAS-TWAS Centre of Excellence for Water and Environment (CEWE) and the developing countries. Hsiao Chink Tang spoke highly of the relevant work. He said that the ADB, positioning itself as a knowledge bank, expected greater cooperation with RCEES on sustainable development and sharing the GEP calculation method developed by RCEES and the achievements in water and sanitation with other developing countries in the form of knowledge products to support regional sustainable development.

    Through discussion, it was agreed that with RKSI’s sound networks and platforms and RCEES’s excellent expertise, the two organizations enjoyed broad prospects for future cooperation in GEP calculation and drinking water security. The two may gradually expand the areas of cooperation and establish a sustainable cooperation model by starting with professional training, knowledge dissemination, and seminars.

    Co-founded by the Ministry of Finance of China and the ADB in 2012 as a South-South cooperation knowledge hub, RKSI aims to disseminate China’s experience in promoting rapid economic growth and social transformation, and to facilitate knowledge sharing among Asian organizations around the common needs and interests of developing countries. Currently, RKSI’s operations focus on environment, climate, and health.

International Cooperation Office, RCEES, CAS

CAS-TWAS Centre of Excellence for Water and Environment