“CAS-TWAS Centre of Excellence for Water and Environmental Center of Excellence” (CAS-TWAS CEWE), which aims to provide the training and education services for people from the developing countries, is established in Research Center for Eco- Environmental Sciences (RCEES), Chinese Academy Sciences (CAS). The goal of this center is to culture the experts in the water and environmental field for, and transfer the sound technologies and successful experiences accumulated in China to the other developing countries, and to make the contributions to improve their environment quality and sanitary conditions.

Through technical training, consulting, technical aid and other activities, CAS-TWAS CEWE tries to be: (1) the education center for the high-end water experts in the developing countries; (2) the platform for exchanging the knowledge regarding water science and technology for the developing countries; (3) the club to enhance the friendship among the developing countries.

The major tasks of " CAS-TWAS CEWE" include: providing different types of training courses for different levels of learners; providing programs for doctoral students, postdoctoral as well as outstanding young scholars; helping other developing countries to establish their systems in ensuring water and environmental security; developing applicable technologies and products to meet the needs of other developing countries; transforming and exporting our innovative products and technologies to, and providing technical supports for other developing countries to help solve their problems.

RCEES will establish the management committee of “CAS-TWAS CEWE”, the member of which includes the 3 academicians of Academy of Sciences for the Developing World.

Training people from developing in the field of water and environment country is just one of purposes for this center. The ultimate goal of our work is to provide a platform for local water and Environment Company own international fame. We invite and welcome local businesses join us as a member of boards.