CAS-TWAS CEWE delegation visited Cambodia

Professor Dongsheng Wang led aseven- member CAS-TWAS CEWE delegation to visit Cambodia from 14th to 19th January 2015. The main purposeof this visit was to implement the MoU signed by CAS-TWAS CEWE andMINISTRY OF INDUSTRY AND HANDICRAFT(MIH), KINGDOM OF CAMBODIA.

Dr. Ciny Tung, deputy minister of MIH, met thedelegate on 15 January with some other Cambodian officials. During the meeting,Dr. Tung figured out that MIH put the following issues as the priority: 1)to provide more trainingopportunities for the young professionals to boost their expertise; 2) to help MIHto revise their national drinking water quality standard; 3) to promote theconstruction of the first PAC factory in the country. At the end of themeeting, he promised that, MIH will make their best efforts to facilitate theabove collaborations. The two sides have discussed the potential sites for the futurejoint laboratory and other important issues.

Except for the meetings with relatedCambodian officials, the delegate has visited some water treatment plants inPhnom Penh and Sihanohkville. At the same time, a training course on coagulationwas provided to more than 30 trainees from local private companies.