Egyptian Scientific Counselor to China Visits RCEES

On June 8th, at the invitation of Professor Yang Min, Deputy Director of Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences (RCEES), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Professor Omayma Ghanem Zaidan, the Counselor of Cultural, Educational and Scientific Affairs of the Egyptian Embassy to China, visited RCEES and attended a workshop on China-Egypt Cooperation. Representatives from RCEES, North China Electric Power University, the secretariat of ANSO Environmental Technology and Industry Special Alliance as well as enterprises in the Alliance participated the workshop.

The workshop was hosted by Dr. Liu Juan, Director of the Office of International Cooperation of RCEES. Professor Xiao Feng first introduced the “Belt and Road” scientific and technological cooperation, particularly the China-Egypt cooperation activities carried out by the CAS-TWAS Centre of Excellence for Water and Environment over the past several years. Representatives from Chinese companies, Beijing Jingrun, Hunan Lihero, Zhejiang Lianchi, Shandong Yiyuan, expressed their willingness to strengthen cooperation with Egypt in the future, and contribute to Egypt's environmental protection. Ayman Abdelhay, an Egyptian student who has just completed his PhD defense and is about to return to Egypt, said in his speech that he will play a role as a bridge after returning to Egypt to promote the construction of the China-Egypt joint laboratory.

Professor Zaidan pointed out that the Egyptian government attaches great importance to environmental pollution control and is also looking forward to China-Egypt cooperation in the field of environmental science and technology. She hopes that, with advanced facilities and strong scientific research capabilities, RCEES could receive more Egyptian students in the future, and establish close cooperative relationship with relevant scientific research institutions in Egypt. She is keen to promote the cooperation between China and Egypt.

In his summary, Professor Yang Min pointed out that RCEES will provide strong support to the two Egyptian Ph.D graduates for their research, and further strengthen cooperation with relevant Egyptian institutions in the cultivation of high-level talents, and actively apply for the international cooperation projects from the Ministry of Science and Technology of China and the National Natural Science Foundation of China. He believes that the enterprises could also make a contribution to the improvement of the ecological environment in Egypt.

Prof. Omayma Ghanem Zaidan visited the State Key Laboratory of RCEES

Prof. Yang Min and Prof. Omayma Ghanem Zaidan in the disccusion

Prof. Yang Min presented with books to Prof. Omayma Ghanem Zaidan