CAS-TWAS CEWE Organizes 2021 International graduates to Enterprise Investigation

On July 6-8, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the World Academy of Sciences Centre of Excellence for Water and Environment (CAS-TWAS CEWE), and the Education Division of the Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences (RCEES), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), jointly organized 2021 International graduation students to enterprises of ANSO Environmental Technology and Industry Alliance for a field investigation. Dr. Ayman Nabil Saber (Egypt), Dr. Hailu Demissie Tulu (Ethiopia), Mr. Mahesh Mihiranga Hewa Kankanamge (Sri Lanka), and Dr. Mohammed Awad Ali Yousif (Sudan), etc., participated in the investigation. Dr. Wang Yawei from CEWE accompanied.

On July 6, the international graduates took the high-speed rail to Changsha, Lihero Technology (Hunan) Co., Ltd.. the leading enterprise of Chinese environmental monitoring equipment. The international graduates visited the R & D Laboratory of Environmental Monitoring Equipment, equipment assembly workshop, water quality analysis laboratory, and had a meeting with the corporate leaders. Hunan Lihero Technology is a practitioner of the "One Belt and One Road" Initiative, an important partner of CEWE on the Science and Technology Cooperation of "One Belt and One Road", and is working carefully on the layout for “going-out”.

The second stop of the investigation is Zhejiang Lianchi Water Equipment Co.,Ltd in Hangzhou, the pioneer enterprise in Chinese stainless steel integrated drinking water purification equipment. The international graduates firstly visited the integrated equipment processing workshop and talked with the corporate leaders; then visited through the rain the water plant which using the integrated equipment located in Lincheng of Huzhou city. Zhejiang Lianchi Water is also a member enterprise of ANSO Environmental Technology and Industry Alliance, actively participates in the Exchange and cooperation with the countries along "One Belt & One Road", and has had a beneficial exploration for “going-out”.

The international graduates said, this visit provided them with the opportunity of close contact and understanding Chinese companies, and felt the vitality of Chinese companies and the pursuit of excellence. It is a very precious opportunity for those that are about to return to their own country. The products produced by these companies also have a wide range of application prospects in China. After returning to their home country, they will actively seek opportunities to collaborate with Chinese enterprises.

Visiting the Online Monitoring Instrument product line of Hunan Lihero Technology

Visiting the integrated water plant manufactured by Zhejiang Lianchi Water




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