CEWE Holds Belt & Road Cooperation and Exchange on Water and Environment in Southeast Asia

CAS-TWAS Centre of Excellence for Water and Environment (CEWE) held the “Belt and Road” Cooperation and Exchange on Water and Environment in Southeast Asia on August 13. The meeting was chaired by Prof. Yang Min, Deputy Director of Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences (RCEES), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). Prof. Cao Jinghua, Executive Director of Alliance of International Science Organizations (ANSO) Secretariat, and Zhang Hongyao, General Manager of Business Development Department of China National Complete Plant Import and Export Group (COMPLANT), were invited to attend the meeting. Xing Baoxia, Director of the Secretariat of the OBOR Environmental Technology and Industry Alliance, and representatives from COMPLANT in charge of overseas business, relevant departments of RCEES and CEWE, more than 20 people participated the meeting.

Meeting Venue

At the meeting, Project Specialist Wang Zhongxiu of ANSO Secretariat introduced ANSO's mission and positioning, development history, and the important role played as an international organization in professional association, joint research, capacity building, and strategic consulting since its establishment. Prof. Wei Yuansang introduced CEWE's vision, layout and main achievements in the eight years since its establishment, as well as the current focus of work. Zhang Hongyao introduced the role of COMPLANT in implementing overseas economic aid projects entrusted by the Chinese government, its core competitiveness, and its transformation in the field of water and environment, and put forward the needs and resources for the collaboration with the RCEES. The three parties had a lively discussion on the opportunities and models of the cooperation in Southeast Asian countries along Belt and Road, such as Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal, and Cambodia. 

Meeting discussion

In his speech, Prof. Cao Jinghua pointed out that water and environmental safety are important issues in the high-quality construction of the “Belt and Road” initiative. It is an area that scientific and technological community and related enterprises should pay special attention to, and it is also a direction that ANSO supports particularly. ANSO has already had in-depth collaboration with CEWE in the early stage, and will continue to maintain a high degree of attention in the future. ANSO is willing to provide platforms and channels to jointly explore cooperation in Southeast Asia and Europe with COMPLANT and CEWE. 

Prof. Cao Jinghua, Director of ANSO Secretariat

Prof. Yang Min pointed out that COMPLANT has a very good international network and has been deeply involved in many important node countries along the Belt and Road, Bangladesh, for instance. The two sides have a lot of space for cooperation in related projects. And the prospective opportunities and models to carry out tripartite cooperation with ANSO and COMPLANT would be actively discussed in the future.

Prof. Yang Min, Deputy Director of RCEES, CAS

China National Complete Plant Import and Export Group (COMPLANT) was established in 1959 with the approval of Premier Zhou Enlai to conduct overseas aid work entrusted by the Chinese government. In 2009, it was merged into State Development & Investment Corp., Ltd. (SDIC Group) as a wholly-owned subsidiary company. In 2020, it was wholly transformed to the environmental protection industry and became the only environmental protection industry investment group under the SDIC Group. Relying on the comprehensive resources of the SDIC Group, COMPLANT, committed to water treatment, solid waste treatment and related technical equipment, has deeply cultivated the international and domestic markets. After the acquisition of China Water Environment and Singapore Tialoc Group, it has entire industry chain service capabilities such as investment, financing, consulting, general engineering contracting, planning and design, technology research and development, equipment manufacturing, construction, and operation management. The main purpose of this visiting RCEES is to strengthen exchanges between the two parties and explore the path of cooperation in related projects on the Belt and Road in the future. 

Zhang Hongyao, General Manager of Business Development Department of COMPLANT

CAS-TWAS Centre of Excellence for Water and Environment